• RASACUT CC 150-2 절단규격 2 x Ø 15 up to 2 x Ø 101.6 mm
  • The double cut solution for diameters up to 101.6 mm
  • The new saw line RASACUT CC 150-2 is an economic solution for large diameters up to 101.6 mm in double cut and 150 mm in a single cut with wall thickness up to 20 mm. The dynamic 2 or 3 meter gripper feed ensures high outputs. Key factor in this new development is an intelligent interlinking with different peripherals. Regardless whether deburring, cleaning or the evacuation of steel and stainless steel tubes up to a diameter of 150 mm is concerned - no problem for the CC 150-2. Due to its robust design and easy operation, the CC 150-2 is attractive for a variety of applications.
  • Advantages of the RASACUT CC 150-2
    • Extremely fast sawing of tubes and solid bars
    • Versatile saw for a wide range of applications
    • Suitable for single and double cut
    • Quick and precise gripper feed
    • Easy operation
    • Intelligent peripherals for optimum material flow
  • Your time advantage
    • Dynamic 2 or 3 meter gripper feed
    • Fully automatic positioning of the feed gripper and saw blade
    • Quick format change < 5 min.
  • Your quality advantage
    • Fast, precise and surface protective clamping due to presetting of pressure and travel
    • Air cooling jet ensures even cooling with compressed air: longer saw blade life, improved cut quality, clean workpieces
    • Suitable for carbide and HSS blades
  • Your cost advantage
    • Dynamic gripper feed reduces transport time and increases output
    • High output thanks to double cut, as a result low piece costs
    • Minimized waste material concerning trim cut end and remnant piece
  • RASACUT CC 150-2 fur 2 x Ø 15 bis 2 x Ø 101.6 mm
  • Specifications
  • Technical Data
    Cutting Speed m/min. continuous 30 to 300
    Saw Blade Diameter mm 340/500
    Saw Motor kW 20
    Work Piece Positioning - Gripper feed
    Trim cut mm 0 or > 20
  • Work Piece Data
    Materials - Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
    Round tube, single cut Ø mm 15 to 150
    Square tube, single cut mm 12 x 12 to 120 x 120
    Rectangular tube, single cut mm 12 x 14 to 90 x 150
    Solid bar, single cut Ø mm 15 to 70
    Round tube, double cut Ø mm 15 to 101.6
    Square tube, double cut mm 12 x 12 to 100 x 100
    Rectangular tube, double cut mm 12 x 14 to 80 x 100
    Solid bar, double cut Ø mm 12 x 50
    Wall thickness mm depending on diameter-wall
    thickness ratio from 1 up to 20
    (max. 30 kg/m)"
    Stock lengths mm 6,000 to 14,000
    Fixed lengths mm 30 to 3,000