• RASACUT SH 150 절단규격 Ø 15 to 150 mm
  • The ultimate solution for the steel trade
  • The RASACUT SH 150 is a successful new development of RSA which is unparalleled. The newly designed sawing center allows for extremely fast cutting of tubes and solid bars up to 150 mm diameter. The dynamic 2 or 3 meter gripper feed ensures high outputs. The intelligent, fully automatic feeding of stock lengths - using bundle loader, flat magazine or inclined placing magazine - ensures a smooth flow of materials and reduces cutting time. A RASACUT SH 150 can replace several band saws.
  • Advantages of the RASACUT SH 150
    • Extremely fast sawing of solid bars and tubes
    • Very short set-up time and high degree of automation
    • Easy operation
    • Intelligent peripherals for optimum material flow
  • Your time advantage
    • Very short set-up time
    • Rapid material feed with 3 m gripper feed
    • Automatic Ø adjustment of the clamping jaws
  • Your quality advantage
    • Backlash free saw forward feed, high rate of consistency of the gripper feed
    • Optimum perpendicularity of the cuts
    • Low surface roughness on cut surface
    • Suitable for carbide and HSS blades
  • Your cost advantage
    • Extremely resilient drive even at maximum load
    • Easy operation
    • Expansion of the cutting clearance after cutting to protect carbide tipped saw blades
  • RASACUT SH 150 for Ø 15 to 150 mm
  • Specifications
  • Technical Data
    Cutting Speed m/min. continuous 30 to 300
    Saw Blade Diameter mm 340/500
    Saw Motor kW 20
    Work Piece Positioning - Gripper feed
    Trim cut mm 0 or > 20
  • Work Piece Data
    Work materials - Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
    Solid bar Ø mm 15 to 150
    Round tube Ø mm 15 to 150
    Square tube mm 12 x 12 to 120 x 120
    Rectangular tube mm 12 x 14 to 90 x 150
    Solid bar Ø mm 15 to 150
    Wall thickness mm depending on diameter-wall thickness ratio from 1 up to 20 (max. 30 kg/m)
    Output lengths mm 6,000 to 14,000
    Fixed lengths mm 30 to 3,000